Healthcare Notes TM

A notebook for your important health data.

Personal logging

When you go to the doctor's office, take your notebook with you to easily look up your healthcare history, notes, appointments, and more. Record new notes. Ask questions and record answers. Healthcare Notes TM helps you keep your notes and healthcare data in one place.

Family communication tool

If you and others are looking after a loved one, Healthcare Notes TM is a great tool to keep everyone updated. When visiting your loved one, family members can add their notes and observations, log conversations with medical personnel, use To Do lists to share the load, and much more.

For short- and long-term use

The Healthcare Notebook is very useful during urgent hospital stays. A stay in the ER or intenstive care unit involves a lot of contact with medical personnel, frequent status updates, questions & answers, and more. Use Healthcare Notes TM to keep up with the fast-moving pace of healthcare treatments.

Just a few examples
of how Healthcare Notes TM could help you...

Elderly woman smiling

Great for seniors, children, and the whole family

Everyone in the family has a healthcare history. Healthcare Notes TM is a great tool for keeping up with everyone's past and current healthcare notes.

Girl with medicine

Keep one notebook per child

For busy families, easily keep an individual health log for each child. When it's time to visit the doctor, you'll have your child's health history at your fingertips.

Pregnant mothers

Track maternity notes

Expecting mothers have a lot of information to keep track of during their pregnancy and may also have a lot of questions to ask. Healthcare Notes TM can help with remembering questions and answers, as well as serve as a healthcare log during pregnancy.

Caregiver and patient

Helpful tool for caregivers

Use Healthcare Notes TM for elderly loved ones, helping caregivers and family members collectively monitor ongoing health notes. The notebook can keep everyone updated as well as inform the group of future appointments scheduled and tasks that need to be done. The notebook serves as a great communication tool for the group. Also, Healthcare Notes TM helps you, when needed, knowledeably communicate with healthcare professionals about your loved one's health status and history.


Healthcare Notes TM features many sections for your personal logging needs.

Patient Basic Info

Primary care physician, allergies, insurance, immunizations, medical history, emergency contacts.

To Do List

List to-do task that need to be done. Record if completed and by whom.

Questions & Answers

Write down questions that you want to ask healthcare professionals. Record their answers.

Personal Contacts

Record contact info for important personal contacts like family members, friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc.


Record names, positions, and other useful info for various staff and healthcare professionals who attend to the patient (doctors, nurses, physical therapists, social workers, etc.)


Record appointments and events in a 12-month calendar view. Useful for viewing appointments on a single page. Also includes a brief calendar of dates for upcoming years.


Record date & times of upcoming appointments, any applicable instructions, address, phone, doctor, and how the patient will be transported to the appointment.


Record the medications that patient is taking, record the purpose and symptoms of each medication. Maintain a log of doses taken.

Vital Signs

Create a custom list of vital signs that you want to keep track of. (Examples: blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar) Keep a log of vital sign recordings to view overall patterns.

Visitor Log

Log the date and time of their visits by others. Very useful when the patient is in a healthcare facility. Helps keeps a record of who has visited and when.

Notes & Observations

Record notes, personal observations, instructions given by healthcare professionals. Log notable activities.


The Miscellaneous section contains many types of logs that may be useful for various situations:

  • Pain Chart. Emotion Chart.
  • Discharge Planning. Personal Items Brought To Facility.
  • Pet Care Information. Bill Reminder.
  • Sleep Log. Urine & Stool Log.
  • Food Preferences. Meal Log.

What People Say...

Tough times call for helpful aids that make things easier.

“ When my father-in-law had a stroke last year, family members were by his side at different times and different days, for months. Healthcare Notes TM helped us share with each other important information about his health and healthcare, and it kept the entire family up-to-date. ”

Angelica Estrada

“ When my husband was fighting cancer there was so much information coming at us at once: medical terms, medications, treatments, procedures, contact numbers, appointments, specialists, nurses, names of ER doctors, vital sign numbers, outcomes, symptoms. Being able to write everything down in the notebook helped make things a little less overwhelming. It also helped us recall everything when we talked to various specialists. ”

Etta Jackson

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